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Experian is a leading global information services company, providing data and analytical tools to our clients around the world.

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Solutions and Services

New markets targeted. Response rates improved. Revenue increased. Those are the results we at Experian, as the industry leader, help you achieve with our solutions and services.

We use data science, analytics and technology to help you understand data and make fast, efficient decisions
We ensure that data fits your purpose by keeping it current, clean and accurate
Latest articles
By Experian 19/02/2019
Experian expands its Experian X Labs, an innovation facility addressing the region’s financial inclusion challenges
By Alan Thornton 11/02/2019
Gaining one new customer is difficult enough, so how do we get them to keep coming back and turn them into loyal brand advocates?
By Experian 17/01/2019
Making a positive difference to people’s lives has always been at the heart of Experian’s values. Over the last year, Experian made over US$9.37m in direct community investment and our employees around the globe volunteered over 42,000 hours to support their communities.
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